Corona Virus in America and our clothes will be affected firstly in the coming times

A frightening study has emerged about America suffering from Corona. According to scientists, if the situation remains the same, then by the year 2022, social distancing can continue in America. It is believed that social distancing can be implemented here for the next two years, that is, stay in homes and close school and college.    This can only be avoided if a vaccine arrives by then. Until the vaccine arrives, after a short interval, social distancing may have to be followed continuously for the next 2 years. Even after this, if the virus starts to disappear, then it will have to be monitored because anytime the virus can attack again, it is expected that by the end of the year 2024, SARS-CoV-2 may be attacked again. The fear of this attack becomes more so if the immunity developed for the corona in us is not sustainable for long.   Virus waits for chance Even if we want to adopt the method of social distancing intermittently, we will have to do it for man

Being happy in the family and mental health is our hand

 Mental health is as important as physical health. Mental health affects both the internal and external environment of the body. The influence of family in both the regions is known to us through various studies. We are born with many genetic traits.   Our upbringing, early learning, and mutual behavior of family relatives teach us a lot. All of these also form the important basis of our personality. If we do not give importance to this important foundation or the factors that make it a family partnership, our ability to cope with the circumstances is greatly affected. This happens just as a beautiful building standing on a neglected, weak and shabby base collapses under adverse circumstances.         In modern times, the role of money is more important in the origin of the methods that are being adopted to strengthen family relations. The transactions of goods and food take care of misuse of time. It is very difficult today to share your circumstances, good and bad experiences

Mounting anxiety in children moreover our edification dexterity

Edification is mainly imperative in life. All blood relations yearn for to confer better edification to their brood. Every person sends their kid to school expecting to appear first. The demand to come first puts the offspring in the trap of competition. Wow, if the kids are successful! There is no place for failure here; This is the main cause of stress. The child starts to win, not enjoy in the game. We do not understand when a hundred percent score takes away childhood from children. Children move from mental stress to depression. Today, stress levels of children have increased so much that their mental and physical development is being hampered.         In such a situation, we need to think seriously about children with good education as well as their stress-free childhood. Delhi government's initiative to reduce the pressure of education in children is 'Happiness Class', which brought the discussion of the wife of the American President to the gov

Yoga The Masterstroke-Promotes Strength and Endurance

    Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, uuj. It means to join, join or unite. It is the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. Yoga is 5000 years old Indian philosophy. It was mentioned in the oldest sacred book - the Rigveda Vedas were a collection of texts containing mantras, spiritual information, songs and rituals, used by Brahmins, Vedic priests. Yoga has been practiced in Indian society for thousands of years. A person doing yoga will move from one posture to another. Yoga benefits those who practice it regularly. The form of practice practiced in yoga is called ‘asan’ which is capable of bringing stability of body and mind. Yoga asanas are the simplest and easiest way to reduce our excess weight and keep fit.   Origin of Yoga Yoga was born thousands of years ago in ancient India, the first religion or belief system was born. It is believed that Shiva is the first Yogi or Adiyogi and the first Guru. Thousands of years ago, on the banks o

Bad comments on women over social media-Society has not been liberated till date

    How much social media is in real cannot be said. In spite of many good things, there is a gathering of many people who openly display their mental bankruptcy. Recently, a photo went viral in which there was a newly married couple due to difference in age. At least that was what it looked like. Come to him in the following comments:-     - The world is troubled by Corona and uncle brings a new Fortuner. - Corona was unable to get rid of cycles left in the crisis, Kakaji took Mercedes directly, wow this is called luck. Here the bride is being addressed as 'Mercedes and Fortuner'. This is just hallmark. Many such comments which have been compared to objects, animals and many other names are targeted at women.   It is beyond my comprehension to write lewd and vulgar comments and captions on mismatched, unmatched weddings and write vulgar and vulgar comments and captions on them. What does this comparison of vehicles indicate that women are the 'thing'

India struggling with lack of oxygen due to rising corona patients

  In April, Kasturba Hospital in Sevagram village was instructed to immediately install 200 extra beds for Corona patients. This hospital is located 50 miles from Nagpur in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, the cases of infection continued to grow. It is a non-profit hospital and lakhs of patients come here every year for their treatment. There are 934 beds available in this hospital.   Such beds were needed for most of the Kovid patients, which had oxygen supply. It also included beds that were kept for serious patients. Over the next few weeks, the hospital spent nearly three and a half million rupees to connect oxygen supplies with new beds using copper pipes.   It was a big challenge. There was a need to work out in a planned manner to put the extra beds with oxygen facility. The oxygen supply to keep the corona patients alive is the most  important.     According to the World Health Organization, about 15 percent of corona patients complain of lung function an

Why do everyone like to eat junk food even after knowing its reality?

  The term junk food was first used in 1972. Almost all of us are aware of junk food and there is no need for any introduction to it.   Still, it is a very interesting question that why do everyone like to eat junk food even after knowing its reality? Now-a-days all of us enjoy the taste of junk food as these tasty get affordable and ready. Junk food lacks any nutrients and nutritional values ​​necessary for health.   If consumed regularly, it is very harmful for health. These decrease the body's energy level and cause insomnia.    This leads to a decrease in concentration levels and fatal diseases; For example, constipation, gas, hormone imbalance, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes (diabetes) etc. are invited. Fast food is becoming a part of our lives in modern society due to convenience and quickness to time, many of us now depend on fast food for our food.      Generally, junk foods are very attractive and tasty to watch and are also like