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Best ideas for the poor people in India

There is no religion greater than the service of poor, helpless people. Even today, people deprived of the benefits of proper healthcare, especially in rural and backward areas, crave for treatment. Such people are struggling with the lack of funds for treatment.   Personal Healthcare No Clear View Health is often considered to be a personal matter that one can enjoy at a personal level, be aware or strive for improvement. From this perspective, the responsibility for a person's poor health falls on him. In this way, the physical, financial and emotional pressure to seek health services also falls on the same person. There is still no clear view of the role of the economic, social and political system of the society in better health of the entire population and its effect on personal health.   Poor People Healthcare Services-THE BEST Poor people are expected to become ill early, their access to health services is also limited because they are unable to

Covid19 Health insurance know about it

                                               CONTENTS IN THIS ARTICLE  what is Corona Kavach Policy? Need of Corona Virus Health Insurance About IRDAI Approval What Insurance Companies Believe  What All 30 General Insurance Companies Offered  Health Workers Insurance Policies Covers  Short Term Corona Kavach Policy   Cover Others Disease - Great Benefit  Why Insurance Companies Taken these Steps now  All Medical Expenses of hospitalization covered and How to claim Corona Kavach Policy What is Corona Kavach Policy?  Corona Kavach Policy is specially introduced to protect you and your family from covid19 treatment.  As per the guidelines of IRDA.  All the health and general insurance companies in India have launched Corona Kavach Individual and Family Policy on 1oth of July, 2020. A corona kavach policy is an indemnity health insurance policy that covers the hospitalization and medical expenses arising out of Covid 19 treatment. T