Why do everyone like to eat junk food even after knowing its reality?


The term junk food was first used in 1972. Almost all of us are aware of junk food and there is no need for any introduction to it.


Still, it is a very interesting question that why do everyone like to eat junk food even after knowing its reality? Now-a-days all of us enjoy the taste of junk food as these tasty get affordable and ready. Junk food lacks any nutrients and nutritional values ​​necessary for health.


If consumed regularly, it is very harmful for health. These decrease the body's energy level and cause insomnia. 


This leads to a decrease in concentration levels and fatal diseases; For example, constipation, gas, hormone imbalance, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes (diabetes) etc. are invited.

Fast food is becoming a part of our lives in modern society due to convenience and quickness to time, many of us now depend on fast food for our food. 



Generally, junk foods are very attractive and tasty to watch and are also liked by people of all age groups. But in fact, junk foods are very harmful for health. Therefore, the more attractive he looks, the opposite are from the inside.

Nutritional deficiency in junk food


Junk foods are very oily and are deficient in nutrients. For this reason, they have difficulty in digestion and at the same time their digestive activity requires a lot of energy in the body and decrease the oxygen level in the person's body, which does not lead to proper brain development. There is an excess of bad cholesterol in junk food and in addition, it also acts to harm the body. Due to lack of nutrients, there is a stretch in the stomach and other digestive organs. Due to which constipation problem arises. Due to eating junk food, we may have to face diseases like weight gain, obesity, typhoid, malnutrition, etc.

Junk food is prone to obesity

It affects the lives, weight, and health conditions of people of all ages in all ways. Junk food is found in high amount of calories, however, whoever eats this type of food also often feels hungry. Junk food does not provide the required level of energy; In this way, the instinct of eating food becomes frequent in the eater. Everything we get from junk food contains unhealthy fats and does not contain any good ingredients; Thus, we feel oxygen deficiency and which makes the brain function dysfunctional.

Results of eating junk food

According to research, children and adolescents eat more junk food on a regular basis in excess and due to which they gain weight and also cause many heart and liver problems. This type of children has to face problems like diabetes and laziness due to accumulation of excess sugar in the body at an early age. Junk foods have high blood pressure due to their high level of sodium minerals. Children and adolescents should develop good habits in early childhood by parents.

Parents should take care of their children's eating and drinking habits, because in childhood, children neither know nor decide what is right and wrong. Therefore, they are the parents who are fully responsible for right and wrong habits in children. They should teach their children about eating habits right from childhood as well as clarify the difference between healthy food and junk food.

The conclusion

Consumption of junk food is increasing day by day throughout the world, which is not good for the future. People of all age groups like to eat junk food and usually, they choose it when they enjoy some special time with their family, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They provide different varieties of junk food available in the market such as; Cold drinks, wafers, chips, noodles, burgers, pizzas, French fries, Chinese food, etc. are used.


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