Social Distancing is not possible in our society’s at ground level 14 Facts

Medical intellect about the term “Social Distancing” 

Social distancing is a non-pharmaceutical infection prevention and control intervention implemented to avoid/decrease contact between those who are infected with a disease causing pathogen and those who are not, so as to stop or slow down the rate and extent of disease transmission in a community. This eventually leads to decrease in spread, morbidity and mortality due to the disease.

English Language Intellect

While “social distancing” is still widely used, it may be sending the wrong message and contributing to social isolation. “Rather than sounding like you have to socially separate from your family and friends, 'physical distancing' simplifies the concept with the emphasis on keeping 6 feet away from others,”


Importance of Social Distancing 

When someone infected with the corona virus coughs or sneezes, very fine particles of their spit are spread in the air. These particles contain viruses of the corona virus.


These viral particles can enter your body by way of breath when approaching an infected person. If you touch a place where these particles have fallen and then touch your eye, nose or mouth with the same hand, then these particles reach your body.



In this case, using a tissue while coughing and sneezing, not touching your face without washing your hands and avoiding contact with an infected person are very important to prevent the virus from spreading.


That is why people are being told not to gather more people in one place, to keep distance from each other, to talk or shake hands to avoid corona.

 Four phases of epidemic

There are four stages of outbreak of corona virus epidemic


  • In the first phase, those people who are infected with the corona virus came from another country and they already had corona virus.

  • In the second phase, the infection spreads locally, but these are people who have come in contact with some infected person who has returned from traveling abroad.

  • Third level and slightly considered dangerous. This is 'community transmission'. Community transmission's occurs when a person succumbs without directly coming into contact with an infected person or traveling to an infected country.

  • The fourth phase occurs when the infection takes the form of an epidemic locally.

Plasma Therapy

Plasma therapy can be taken by offering the part of blood in the body of a person who has recovered after suffering from Kovid-19. This method of treatment is called 'Convalescent Plasma Therapy'. This therapy is based on the belief that the plasma taken from the blood of a patient who has been cured of an infection can eliminate the virus in the blood of another sick person. Prior to the Kovid-19, it was also used in epidemics such as SARS, Mars and H1N1.

Social Distancing not Possible on ground level

1. Non-essential travelers of any kind cannot be regularly observed and measured by the government nor can be stopped and banned.


2. Private companies are not following government restrictions that are still using manpower inside their premises. The government is not free to stop them on a large scale, which means that the police and administration can never stop it completely. And it's impossible.


3. So many political meetings and diplomatic gatherings cannot be banned by any world government, who will stop famous political leaders, they arrange big celebrations and people of our administration are also part of that, many videos and reports are viral on social media every day.

4. Many policemen in big and small countries do not use a single mask and the reality is that they can hit a person who does not wearing the mask.


5.The leaders of many countries declared that the loss would be given by the government, but still these middle class people do not have food and no money to survive in this situation how they will follow the social distancing.


6. The economic losses of citizens and small poor traders are still not given by any nation. Only a few people have received a little government support. Then how will these people sit at home and maintain the so-called social distance by doctors and administrative officials. May not maintain it will break sooner or later.


7. The 70 percent relief amount declared by world countries is only in their official books and if it is true, then if I am saying this wrong then ask only 10 people of any nation. 7 support my challenge. It is a game of power and money. The leadership of every country does not just target power and money to help the poor and the needy people.


8. In some countries medical workers are just running after money. They are receiving money from the government and fixing the rate to declare anyone free. Then in these nations how people will follow the social distancing. They are not feeling themselves safe. Medical teams are just working like blind man. They want to catch anyone and want to fill the hospitals. And later they try to earn money from those people.


9. Some regions where famous and rich people are living. Police are not patrolling those places. Social distancing totally breaking in such areas. Police get frighten itself such rich people in various countries.


10. The saved money has been spent. In this situation they have to do some work. And have to go out from their home. Then they have to use public transport. At some place they will surely break the social distancing. Traveling in public transport services such as trains, metros, buses, sharing taxis or airplanes increase the risk of becoming infected with the virus.


11. Many political parties doing their election campaign. We can watch them not only at television. Even when they come group in darkness. Now how we will follow social distancing. They meets us without any mask.


12. 10 percent uneducated people do not still believe that corona virus is diseases. Then they will not follow the social distancing.


13.  In many countries private teacher taking classes at their home. They are educated but they give the more importance to their livelihood. Not to safety. They gathered 5 to 10 children in a very small room for teaching them.


14. Those working in online ordering service do not take care of their safety, as I have seen many deliveries boy, shakes hand with their fellow.

Be Safe take precautions 

Compared to the statistics of corona virus infection, the number of people killed is extremely low. Although these figures cannot be relied on completely, if the data is to be believed, the death rate due to infection can be only one to two percent.


A study by the World Health Organization based on information collected about 56,000 infected people shows that - 6% people became seriously ill due to this virus. These included lung failure, septic shock, organ failure and risk of death.


Severe signs of infection were seen in 14 percent of the people. There were problems in breathing and problems like breathing quickly.


Minor signs of infection were seen in 80 percent of people, such as fever and cough. In many, pneumonia was also seen due to this.


The work of making the corona virus vaccine is still going on. If you come in contact with an infected person, you can be advised to stay away from others for a few days.


Those who think they are infected should avoid going to a doctor, pharmacy or hospital and seek information on the phone or online from the health workers in their area.


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