Mounting anxiety in children moreover our edification dexterity

Edification is mainly imperative in life. All blood relations yearn for to confer better edification to their brood. Every person sends their kid to school expecting to appear first. The demand to come first puts the offspring in the trap of competition. Wow, if the kids are successful! There is no place for failure here; This is the main cause of stress. The child starts to win, not enjoy in the game. We do not understand when a hundred percent score takes away childhood from children. Children move from mental stress to depression. Today, stress levels of children have increased so much that their mental and physical development is being hampered.

        In such a situation, we need to think seriously about children with good education as well as their stress-free childhood. Delhi government's initiative to reduce the pressure of education in children is 'Happiness Class', which brought the discussion of the wife of the American President to the government school in Delhi. This way of relieving children from stress will probably write a new version of the education system in the coming times.

        A report released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development says that school children aged between 11 and 17 are suffering from high stress, which is affecting their mental health. Experts recommend that children should not be pressured to score more. With the right preparation, it should be ensured that they are able to give their best in what they have prepared. Parents play an important role in this. The run-of-the-mill lifestyle, the increasing burden of heavy bags on children, makes the physically ill. Health experts say that heavy bags of the child also cause their shoulders, waist and headaches. One step ahead, fed by the ever increasing family pressure in the race to become the best, children reach suicide to take fatal steps like suicide. They feel hurt that they did not meet the expectations of their parents. This negative view of children raises a question mark on our education system as well as on the evaluation of social fabric.

History is witness that no ordinary mark sheet of the world has been able to assess the extraordinary talent of a child. There is a long list recorded in Indian history, from Chandragupta, Ashok, Akbar to Mahatma Gandhi and in the present era there are thousands of examples who have done great work in their field, even if they have not done well in the class or have not attained education. Have been able to do. Every person is a master in some or the other area. The need is only for that teacher who recognizes the child's interest and talent and gives the right direction.

        Constantly increasing stress and mental pressure creates a sense of hopelessness in children. In such a situation, fear is born in the minds of children, who often do not leave even when they are older. The pressure on the child to come top in the class from primary class is definitely a success, but always being number one does not allow the child to live his childhood openly. It is not known when the child enters the mind that only points are necessary in life and nothing else.

        For a healthy future of children, parents need to know what is the potential of the child? What does he want to do to himself? In which field can he give his best? Even if it is separated from the parents' field of dreams. It is not good to assess the ability of children by their marks. We need a change in our attitude only then every child of the country will be able to use their talents properly. To make the baby Einstein, first you have to bring your vision equivalent to Einstein's mother. It is very important to know the talent and interest of the child. Only then will we be able to build a healthy and prosperous India.

Children will be able to develop freely only when they are stress free. During the examination, children are in great need of affection, love, affection and cooperation. Parents and teachers are also responsible for keeping a distance from every unnecessary pressure and stress. It is necessary to seek the opinion of experts to keep children stress free. Parents should take full care of the children.

 It is necessary for every parent to not let the pressure of education increase on children, not to be left alone, to spend time with them. Only then will he be able to help children overcome this problem. If the child is weak in studies, then parents need to convince the children that apart from studies, there are many areas in which he can do well; Can make their future better. Explain to them that enjoy the exam. We all have the responsibility to keep children away from mental stress, because children are the future of the country, which is necessary to keep them physically and mentally healthy; only then India will study and India will grow; The foundation of a lofty India will be high.

        Most of the policy makers are repeatedly asked to include character building, personality development and mental health in educational purposes. Ironically, our programs neither encourage nor evaluate them to that extent. Actually, the entire education system needs to be re-designed keeping in mind the mental health of the children. The modern education system is a product of Macaulay with less focus on teacher-student interaction, more on curriculum. Knowledge is being filled in children, without testing their mental health. We must emphasize on making the curriculum more flexible, less cumbersome and interesting. The child is beaten in the house and nobody is ready to listen even outside.

The most important is communicating with children. Parents should be good friends of the child. According to Margaret Mead, ‘Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.’ In addition to teaching in children, coaching classes are pushing children towards premature maturity. In-door games, mobile games have replaced childhood out-door games. Playgrounds are shrinking, people are becoming self-centered, families are limited. Both parents are working, so most children are becoming limited in themselves. Psychologists say that in today's lifestyle, parents should not be soft on children. Develop tolerance for physical and mental development.

        According to the report of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, mental health problems are more pronounced in urban children than in rural children. In villages, 6.9 percent children have mental problems, while in cities it is 13.5 percent. Numerals are given more importance in cities than in villages. Even today, the rural society is full of family and social environment. Therefore, the urban form of the problem is rarely seen here.

        National Crime Records Bureau figures show that between 2011 and 18, around 70,000 students committed suicide for fear of poor marks and test results. About 50 percent of these incidents are at the school level. Often, after the result of 10th and 12th, such incidents are seen which describe the stifling atmosphere of the society in which the numbers are more important. Increased mental stress causes depression and the race for points continues. 

The pressure of studies does not decrease, but can be seen to intensify over time. Children dream of becoming doctors, engineers or IAS and start battling mental problems in fear of getting out of the race. Mental stress is so much dominated that in 2015 only 31 students in Kota embraced death due to stress of studies. In the same year, so many students committed suicide in a city. Most of these students had come first in class till 12th. The parents of these children would not be able to understand when the blind race of numbers was left behind in the race of life.



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