Humans will not be able to live for the next one thousand years!

Humans will not be able to live for the next one thousand years!

"Our universe is full of mysteries and complex structures. Science is constantly trying to unravel the mysteries. Until these mysteries are solved, they only seem to be hypotheses, and when solved, they become reality. There is not much difference between 'hypothesis' and 'reality'; hypotheses are transformed into reality as soon as possible. "

Long ago, a question arose in the minds and minds of the intellectuals that many scientists presented their ideas and formulated theories about how man was born on earth. Like this question, a serious problem is facing the human beings today, whether humans will be able to live for the next one thousand years? Today, if this question is roaming in everyone's mind, then the reality behind it is that we are all responsible for giving birth to this situation.

"Earth has enough resources to meet our needs, not our greed."

Gandhiji's above statement is underlining the exploitation of nature being done by human beings for demanding consumerism. Human civilization was born when this earth was built from time immemorial and favorable conditions existed on it. Gradually nature gave this lot to man, but in the greed of self-interest, man exploited nature so much that it has created a serious crisis for its existence itself. Our mentality is the only reason for the environmental damage that is happening today;

We think that I am alive, so that my happiness and prosperity should increase so that I can consume more and more amenities. The ever-increasing environmental pollution, scarcity of water sources, depletion of natural resources and biodiversity are drawing a worry line on our forehead today. If their remedy is not done in time, then no one can save the existence of human being.

We all know this very well that "nature's anger is greater than all anger." Man has spoiled the environment for his economic development and progress to such an extent that he is no longer able to tolerate further molestation. Statistics show that natural disasters worldwide have increased fourfold in the last two decades. That is, the nature of human havoc is ever ready to come in its terrible form. If we do not understand the warning of this nature in time, then be ready for a crisis on our existence.

Today, the whole world is facing many problems due to environmental imbalance. Selfish man is constantly exploiting nature and in doing so his conduct has become anti-nature. The earth which we address as Mother Earth, blindfolded the chest of the same house and shattered it. In this context, these lines of the great poet Mahadevi Varma are painted on my psyche table-

"One day Madhu and Saurabh donated

But who cries for you, Dani Suman

Do not get upset flowers, whom did the world enjoy

Kartar made everyone here selfless. "

The above lines draw a vibrant picture between nature and human existence.

History shows that humans have fought two world wars and a large number of people have suffered unimaginable losses in these two world wars. Our scientists, physicists and historians predicted that if the next world war happens, it will be for 'water', that is, without it the existence of a human being, except for a thousand years, is difficult even for a day. Today the situation is that more than half of the world's population is craving clean drinking water,

India is also not untouched by this. Pranadayini, Mokshadayini Ganga and all the rivers of life are polluted and are fighting for their survival. It is a harsh truth that if there is no water, then the existence of all the living nations on the earth including humans will also cease. It is a matter of great shame that man has exploited the indispensable wealth like water so that the ground water level has reached a dangerous situation.

"Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi says that if there is a problem then there will be a solution" but if the problem is resolved in time, it is better, otherwise be prepared to suffer serious consequences. Water can be saved by sensitizing various institutions, youth and rural population to save water and a positive message can be given on the world stage. Looking at the situation of water crisis, I feel like a lion

"To quench the thirst of the whole world is not so easy,

Cloud also has to become water by pouring in the house. "

At present, the whole world surprises everyone with many events of upheaval, mainly the various organizations of terrorism, Al Qaeda, ISIS and Lashkar-e-Toiba etc. are snatching the world peace and a question mark on its own existence Are standing.

On the other hand, the apprehension of the atomic bomb attack, the growing tendency of powerful countries to interfere in the internal affairs of the weak countries and regional disputes have fragmented the hypothesis of human existence which has created a state of imbalance. .

The election of new President Donald Trump in America will see a new development because some decisions by him are influencing the world events, and will also affect the identity of human existence somewhere.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that as a result of all these challenges and controversies, human existence can be successful to a great extent in protecting itself. France's world-renowned writer Victor Hugo said that "the time has come, no one can marginalize it."

That is, to save human existence, by putting the whole world together in the form of a garland, by conveying the message of world peace and adopting the standards of brotherhood, mutual harmony, fair distribution, attachment to nature, love towards man, etc. And a safe environment has to be created for the coming generation, only then we can save our existence to a great extent.

At this time, the whole world must assimilate this motto of Indian philosophy-

“Survey Bhavantu Sukhin: Survey Santu Niramaya.

Survey Bhadrani Pashyantu, Mother Kashid! Dukh Bhagwate

That means all are happy, all are healthy. Welfare of all, do not be part of any sorrow.


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