How to fight depression without money and by natural remedies


A small amount of stress is a part of our life. It is sometimes beneficial as well, for doing a task we feel ourselves under mild pressure so that we are able to do our work well and there is also excitement while doing the work. But when this stress becomes more and uncontrolled then it negatively affects our brain and body and when it turns into depression, the person does not know.


Depression is a common intellectual disorder. Depression is frequently unlike from attitude instabilities and short-term emotive retorts. The indications of being persistently calamitous and not as engrossed in effects equally earlier.

Depression is affecting a large section of the world. Depression is more common in women than men. The spread of depression to be 1.9 per cent for men and 3.2 per cent for women, and after a year outbreak it has been estimated at 5.8 per cent for men and 9.5 per cent for women as proved various international studies.

Depression occurs to a person who is always under stress. Often, the person is afraid of something or a situation that he or she is not in control of, he / she starts feeling tense, due to which a pressure starts to form on them. If a person stays in these conditions for a long time, then gradually he becomes accustomed to the method of living a stressful life, then if he does not get a stressful situation then he starts feeling stressed from this. This is the initial state of depression.

Causes of Depression

There are many reasons for depression, which is important to know in detail. Let's discuss about it:-

-    Due to any major change in life such as an accident, any major change or struggle in life, loss of a family member or loved one, financial problem or similar serious changes.

-    Sometimes depression also occurs due to change in weather. Many people feel lethargy, fatigue and anorexia in everyday tasks when the days are short or the sun does not come out in winter. But this condition gets cured at the end of winter.

-    Due to changes in hormones such as menopause, childbirth, thyroid difficulties, etc.

-    Our brain contains neurotransmitters that specifically affect serotonin, dopamine, or nor-epinephrine, feelings of happiness and pleasure, but can be imbalanced in the event of depression. Due to their imbalance, depression can occur in a person, but why it goes out of balance is not yet known.

-    In some cases, genetics can also be the cause of depression. If this problem has already happened in the family, the possibility of it happening to the next generation increases, but which gene is involved in it is not yet known.

Side Effects of Depression

-    Depression is a mental health disorder that is a prolonged illness rather than a problem for a few days.

-    Depression is the most common disease worldwide.

-    Around 350 million people in the world are affected by depression.

-    Depression can cause weight gain in a person due to imbalance in thyroid hormones due to problems related to thyroid in the person.

-    Prolonged depression is a serious problem. The sufferers of depression are gradually cut off from the society and thoughts like suicide start coming in their mind.

-    Depression can also make a person prone to serious illnesses because in depression, there is a serious hormonal imbalance in the person's body due to which he is not able to feel hungry or at all, is interested in various unhealthy foods.

-    The digestive system of a person is also poor, he also has to face problems like constipation.

-    The most serious disease associated with depression is psychotic depression. It is a type of psychosis associated with a serious form of depression known as psychotic depression. In psychotic depression people themselves hear such voices that they are of no use or are unsuccessful. The patient feels as if he can hear his thoughts on his own. He always hears negative thoughts about himself and that person starts to do the same thing, he gets upset very quickly and also takes a lot of time to do easy things. He constantly listens and sees things that are not actually there. These patients have a higher tendency to commit suicide.

Symptoms of Depression

-    As everyone knows that people are always anxious in depression, there are other symptoms besides-

-    A person suffering from depression is always depressed.

-    The person always feels confused and lost.

-    Lack of confidence in a person suffering from depression.

-    It is difficult to concentrate in any task.

-    As sad patient tries to keep himself away from family and crowded places. He mostly likes to be alone.

-    The person remains depressed even in a happy environment or when there are things that give happiness.

-    As sad patient is always irritable and speaks very little.

-    As sad patients always seem restless from within and always appear immersed in anxiety.

-    They find themselves unable to take any decision and are always in a state of confusion.

-    As sad patient is more inclined towards unhealthy food.

-    Assad patients get frustrated very quickly when they face any problem.

-    Some depression problems are also seen in some depression patients.

-    To be surrounded by the possibility of something bad happening all the time.

Treatment without money

Using the pet

To control depression, you will benefit with pets. If you are not able to keep a pet, then you can spend time with your friend, the neighbor's animal.

This therapy has also been very successful to get rid of depression. Animals have a special vibe, a special affectionate quality, which is nothing short of a miracle for a patient of depression. It has been seen many times that when people suffering from depression came in contact with pets, it had a profound effect on their mental level and was able to recover quickly.

Spending time with friend 

Friendship is the relationship in front of which you are in your real form.


There is no hesitation, neither shame nor any restlessness. You can speak everything in your heart to him. Spending time with a friend increases self-confidence and brings positive changes in you, which control depression.


Spend time with friends whatever the level of depression, but if you spend most of your depression time with your friends, then you are likely to recover as soon as possible.

Do what you want

What do you like to eat, which sport you like, do you like to roam or do swimming or anything else that you feel anxious to do.

It has also been seen as a successful treatment to come out of depression. Those who had given up hope of change over the years due to depression were able to see a change in themselves with this technology.

Some people went on a trip to the mountains, some started painting, some went there due to the trend towards music and some people became engrossed in food. But after a few days, there were changes in them.


Miraculous results of meditation

Medical science never supports without facts, but meditation and its different rugs have also been approved by medical science because there are many cases of depression on which medical science failed, due to meditation, miraculous results have been seen.

With the help of meditation and its various dimensions, treatment of depression has been made possible without any medicines and still much research is going on.

Treatment by natural remedies

Cashew Nuts 

Grind 5 to 7 cashews and mix it in a cup of milk and drink it, the effect of depression is reduced to some extent.


Take 5 to 7 plum fruits and remove the seeds from them and grind it and extract its juice. Now grind half teaspoon nutmeg in this juice and mix it and consume it twice a day.

Bacopa Monnieri

Mix one spoon of  Bacopa Monnieri  and one spoon of Withania  somnifera  powder in a glass of water and consume it daily.

Lemon Juice

Mix one spoon lemon juice, one spoon turmeric powder, one spoon honey, two cups of water in a vessel and prepare the mixture and drink it. Its regular intake helps to overcome depression.


Wake up in the morning and eat apples on an empty stomach. It keeps your physical health better. It is also beneficial for mental health.


Grind two to three cardamoms and boil them in a glass of water or drink them by adding cardamom to green tea.

Now Consult a Doctor

Sometimes a person may have depression for some time due to an accident or some mental trauma, but due to good eating, lifestyle and social activism, it does not last long but in some if the condition is more than two or three months. If left, the person gradually goes into deeper depression.

In this case, he can also come in a condition like psycho neurotic which leads the person to suicide. Therefore, if depression persists in a person for longer than normal, he should immediately contact the doctor and get proper treatment and psychoanalysis.


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