Does wearing a face mask really protect you from infection?

Does wearing a face mask really protect you from infection?

An infection is a condition in which there is some irregularity in your body. The reason for this irregularity can be parasites, viruses, dust mites, toxic gases, etc. They can spread through air, water or any other source. But air is its most common medium. Any infection passes from one person to another through the air and can make anyone ill easily. It is also possible that an infection is present in the air in the form of a bacteria or virus. There are many types of bacteria and viruses and all have different lifespans, so some of them are present in the air for a long time and some for a very short time.

Therefore, a person infected with any disease must wear a mask, due to this, the bacteria of his disease will not be able to go into the air. In addition, you can also protect yourself easily by wearing a mask.

Why do we need a mask?


The increasing population today is one of the most important reasons for increasing pollution. Pollution has made our life difficult. Now nothing is pure, whether it is air, soil or water. Everything we use has to go through a filtration process. So there was a timwhen people drank water of rivers and springs without any hesitation. But now it is time that we buy pure water and drink it.


Similarly, the day is not far when we have to buy oxygen (air) to breathe. The increasing level of pollution is making our air poisonous. Ghaziabad in India ranks first in the list of most polluted cities in the world. So at the same time, China's Hotan ranks second in this list.


Contaminated air contains millions of impurities such as small particles of dust, CFC gas, carbon monoxide, industrial waste, different types of bacteria, viruses, etc. and they also cause many harmful diseases. The most live example of this is the corona, which has been declared an epidemic by the WHO and the disease has killed many thousands of people. The best way to avoid any disease is prevention and nowadays you can avoid most diseases by wearing a mask.


In the case of corona, doctors only recommend wearing masks to those who suffer from it, but the thing to think about is that it can sometimes take 14 days for a corona-affected person to show symptoms. During this period, the patient himself does not know that he has a corona and inadvertently, he can affect many others as well. The best way to avoid all this is to wear a mask yourself and stay healthy.


When you are less prone to any infection, your physical health is also good. So always wear a mask. I have described some diseases below which you can avoid by wearing a mask.


Infections / air borne diseases that can prevent a mask

Cold and Cough

You must have seen that if one person gets a cold or cough in the house, then it gradually happens to everyone. Because it spreads easily through air. Infectious person's cough and sneezing spread his infection from one person to another through his spit. Therefore, the best way to avoid this is to wear a mask and be safe.



Corona has been considered one of the most dangerous diseases of this century, which the WHO itself has declared an epidemic. The main cause of this deadly disease is a virus, due to which thousands of people lost their lives. It spreads due to sneezing and coughing and sometimes by talking to the infected person, the virus infects the other person through air. The simplest way to avoid corona is to wear masks, periodically wash hands and maintain proper distance from people.


Mumps disease (mumps)

A disease that spreads through the virus, but coming into the contact of an infected person, many times fall victim to it. Because it travels easily through air. The people present there become infected by coughing and sneezing of the infected person. In this disease, the patient gets painful swelling in their parotid salivary glands. So to avoid this, you must wear a mask.



It is an airborne bacterial disease that spreads easily through the air. This especially affects your lungs and a person with poor immunity gets affected very quickly. If not treated properly, it also leads to death. If you have a TB infected person in your house, be careful and give preference to the mask. Infection of TB can be prevented with the help of a mask.


Apart from all these there are many other diseases like diphtheria, chickenpox which can be prevented by wearing masks.


Is wearing a mask enough?

Along with wearing masks, we should also take care of some other things like -


After wearing the mask, check that it is sitting at the right place.


Do not touch the mask frequently with your hands as it can spread the infection.


It is generally seen that people wash the mask along with the rest of the clothes, never do it because the infection can easily spread to other clothes. Many infections do not go away by washing only, so the mask should be cleaned separately with hot water.


Along with wearing a mask, it is necessary that you also increase your immunity. Due to which any infection will easily bother you and you can also be safe from many diseases.


If you live in a contaminated area or you are a hospital employee, pay special attention to your health. Because many times we do not fall ill but act as carriers of some disease. Therefore, after coming out of the spring, after cleaning yourself, come home.


The conclusion

Most airborne diseases can be easily prevented by wearing masks. Develop a health habit of wearing masks and inspire others to do the same. I have shared above information related to different types of masks for you and hope that they will work for you. Choose masks as per your requirement and shoo away diseases.


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