Being happy in the family and mental health is our hand

 Mental health is as important as physical health. Mental health affects both the internal and external environment of the body. The influence of family in both the regions is known to us through various studies. We are born with many genetic traits.


Our upbringing, early learning, and mutual behavior of family relatives teach us a lot. All of these also form the important basis of our personality. If we do not give importance to this important foundation or the factors that make it a family partnership, our ability to cope with the circumstances is greatly affected. This happens just as a beautiful building standing on a neglected, weak and shabby base collapses under adverse circumstances.

        In modern times, the role of money is more important in the origin of the methods that are being adopted to strengthen family relations. The transactions of goods and food take care of misuse of time. It is very difficult today to share your circumstances, good and bad experiences. Most people remain in close contact, but hardly any emotional connection! If we talk about the lock down during the corona epidemic, then it is a great proof in itself to spend some time in your home, having a mental problem. Then the need of a therapist, article or suggestion for its diagnosis and its widespread practice further attests to this emotional distance. If leaving financial problems, then living with your family at your home may have been the much awaited opportunity for you, but how many liked this opportunity in the change of time, it is difficult to say. However, this fact is teaching us to be mental health conscious and is motivating us to rethink the role of family in it.

There are various ways to spend time during lock down. Taught to control anger and nervousness. Thus, many mental health-related professionals have made their most significant contributions to normal and abnormal situations. After the lock down, the possibilities of new types of normalcy are coming to life. How our family participation will affect our mental health in the changing scenario is an important and notable topic.

As a member of the family, we usually have to do different types of household chores, but giving time in them is no longer possible for some reasons. So for this we make an alternative arrangement. In home affairs, the work of making food, cleaning and keeping the house well-equipped is paramount which is necessary for the maintenance and health of every family. If the family members give their full contribution in these works then their real duty towards the family is automatically awakened.



The point here is not to raise such comforts by earning money, after which you are only at home for eating and sleeping. There is talk of making and eating food with our hands, along with cleaning and streamlining the house. Not only this, playing indoor or outdoor games of your choice, daily congregational prayers, celebrating opportunities, talking among themselves, having minor arguments or quarrels, then celebrating each other, having a group meal together, an event or accident. It is family functions that can influence you to a deep level of unconsciousness, to encourage each other and participate in various social activities.


When you do your homework together, a feeling of respect, gratitude and collective disconnectedness towards each other arises. The continuous practice of these expressions removes the mutual feelings, jealousy and malice and organize the family. The members of the family in which this type of organization takes place reinforce the tendency to support each other in every situation. There is also less hesitation in sharing your desires, thoughts and feelings. Mutual behavior among family members is helpful in the development of personal attitudes. These attitudes not only change over time, but also help in adjusting to new circumstances; And good adjustment is one of the best mental health attendants.


Your personal attitude towards family is also important. If you consider the family to be an integral part of your mental health, then there is a different effect of such expressions. Delightful carrying of responsibilities, familiarity and good attitude towards your family affects you positively as well as the family. In addition, the practice and development of beneficial decision making, leadership and better presentation of thought begin with our family contexts.

There are some remedial practices of daily living behavior that will keep you mentally healthy and happy; Such as -

Avoid stress of hyper sensitivity


 Being sensitive is the first proof of our being human. Sensitivity is what motivates us to care about others in life. Being cared or careless both contribute to a person's happiness. It is necessary to create balance in life. Sometimes more care for others also becomes a cause of stress and sometimes even being totally careless slowly makes us frustrated. Both these habits make us sad. Being away from both will help in both of them to be happy. Caring is the standard of good behavior. It also helps to increase our acceptance in the society. But when and where and how much is to be taken care of. Extremely sensitive tendencies will keep you stressed.


Give comparative perspective

It is human nature that we often compare ourselves to other unwanted people: sometimes our children, our family, our work, our way of life. In the modern information society, the media and the market have given more importance to this value and has encouraged the person in this direction. Comparative pressures have increased in the current era. Common people also start comparing themselves to others in the involvement of social media and start living in grief and stress. Therefore, develop a comparative perspective according to your needs and nature, only then you will be able to develop a happy life-philosophy.


Avoid being directive and redundant


It is human nature that we often do not desist from advising anyone anywhere. Due to this tendency, we often quarrel with our people many times. When a loved one does not accept any advice, any human being feels very bad; Becomes the reason for grieving. Many times our relationship deteriorates. Actually, it is not the fault of the other but the adviser. Often, in the habit of pouring our knowledge without understanding the situation, situation and mood of the front, we go on doing all of this spontaneously. When our advice is not accepted or is unheard of, then inside we consider ourselves insignificant and sad. We become redundant in the role of a director. It should be generally avoided. Advice is incomplete without companionship. So often such directors are unsuccessful unless they follow their advice in the role of a partner. Do not become a director in society, become a partner, then only you will have influence and respect.


Be responsible to yourself


It is the basis of psychology that individuals remain responsible to themselves. If we want to live a happy and enjoyable life, then this is the first condition that we have to be responsive to ourselves. Your accountability to the world is not so important, but you have to answer everything everyday. When you start avoiding yourself from the things related to your life, then you are moving towards extreme disappointment and stress. You have to 'justify' yourself. Only then can your morale and confidence remain and your happiness too.

Welcome to newness


New changes are the law of nature and the nature of society and individual. The person wants to see something new all the time. Newness is ingrained in his nature. Sometimes he wants a new taste, sometimes new things, and sometimes new facilities. Many times we are constantly saddened by the desire to be new and sometimes we become unhappy by putting all our strength to resist this newness. Change is change, whatever happens will happen. What is not changing according to us makes us sad. The understanding and acceptance of changes and their psychology affects our lives to a great extent. The manner in which we have to adopt the changes is determined by the same psychology that we have developed from life experiences. Everything except eternal life values ​​has to change. This is newness and the basis of human progress. Changes are helpful in reducing our stresses. We are happy to be fresh with new ones.


Listen to everyone think


We need everyone's support and support in social life. Everyone also has to give preference. Everyone's feelings and thoughts have to be given a place in their life as well. While it is a part of sociality, the strengthening of social relations is also an essential basis, but it is not an easy task. This is the area of ​​social life that is difficult. In this, we have to bear the pressure, influence and suggestions of all the relatives, but no one can understand the situation and mood of a person better than himself. In such a situation, anyone will be stressed. Many times, a deep depression is created. Duality and pressure bring mental tension. Not everyone gets tired of giving advice and suggestions according to their respective ways and the person feels helpless - trapped in the mess of indecision. At this time listen to everyone, but do your thinking. If the heart and mind are also in duality then listen to the heart and pass. You will not feel regret, but will get satisfaction. You will make yourself feel happy.

Avoid the extra effort to prove yourself


Most of the problems that occur in our lives are created by ourselves. Often the causes of major stresses are not large. The result of small reasons is that they consume a large part of our energy. A person keeps his small ego and makes it so big that he concentrates all his efforts to prove himself on that reason. Spends the power sources of his life in efforts that do not have any meaning in the broadest sense. We needlessly live a stressful life. These unsolicited sustained efforts to prove oneself on something else keep a person's life tense. So always take care; Never make extra effort to prove yourself. Nothing is more important than you or your happiness.


Be sure to try to honor everyone


Respect in life is the natural need of every person. This is a common need that everyone must fulfill. That is why in all societies, norms and values ​​of respect have been determined on priority. The urges to follow them have also been kept intense and necessary. It is also said that honor and charity are things to be given in the society. In lieu of these, it is found automatically. If we respect others, others will also do us. Giving respect to a person is the simplest way to satisfy one's ego. Both it and the giver feel happy. Therefore, respect is a social means of being happy and keeping happy. Everyone should respect everyone - to make a happy world.

Keep control over redundant information and contacts


Today's era is being known as Information Society. We are living in a flood of information. The flow of information is so intense and incisive that the choice of right and wrong is not possible. It is difficult to understand what is important and what is necessary for an individual or society. The result is that the person is living a cursed life, carrying unwanted and unintentional stresses in the heart and mind. We are entangled in fruitless and purposeless information and contacts which have no connection with our life. The majority of our stresses and mental pressures are imported from similar information and contacts, which have neither utility nor relevance in our lives. To be happy, we have to practice an automated method of sorting out redundant information and contacts that keep us away from them at Auto Mode.


Therefore there is a need to understand deeply the mutual impact of our mental health and our family.



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