Bad comments on women over social media-Society has not been liberated till date



How much social media is in real cannot be said. In spite of many good things, there is a gathering of many people who openly display their mental bankruptcy. Recently, a photo went viral in which there was a newly married couple due to difference in age. At least that was what it looked like. Come to him in the following comments:- 


 - The world is troubled by Corona and uncle brings a new Fortuner.

- Corona was unable to get rid of cycles left in the crisis, Kakaji took Mercedes directly, wow this is called luck.

Here the bride is being addressed as 'Mercedes and Fortuner'. This is just hallmark. Many such comments which have been compared to objects, animals and many other names are targeted at women.


It is beyond my comprehension to write lewd and vulgar comments and captions on mismatched, unmatched weddings and write vulgar and vulgar comments and captions on them. What does this comparison of vehicles indicate that women are the 'thing' of driving? Have a vehicle? Luxury ride? Or your naked Khoti intention?

Not only this, in another photo, a girl is cleaning her little baby by pressing it between the two legs and after washing her toilets. Like our Indian mothers usually do in their native style. When her photo was also mocked with dirty captions and comments, the intelligence of people like these was extremely embarrassing. Come to mind, ask that if your mother had not washed you in such a way, then the stool that is filled in your mind today, would have been rotten even by now. Like your mind is rotten.

And yet, in the Corona era, when death is knocking on everyone's life, then three zones were declared. Everyone knows, in that too, in a very muscular body, with a transparent sari, a cut of deep cut neck and a blouse without arms was photographed in three colors of clothes. 'Red, Orange, Green.'

In the comments and captions, the public was invited which zone should be? Surprise! Everyone wanted all three zones at different times. The worm of lust is eating their brains like termites. Whoever the woman may be, dead and alive is their father's legacy. These are just general examples that I am giving here. The matter is worse than this. There is only misery of women in social media.

Do you have the right to speak like this to anyone? Who gave this right? Who are we for women who speak like this? Born of a womb of women, who expresses the masculinity while playing with the identity of a woman? Suppose these are of your family, how would you feel? This is nothing but a means of expression of ideological defeat and mental frustration, which manifests as such.

It is the weakness of women that we start to fear these violent and naked men. But these cowardly men are afraid of fearless women.

Here Amrita Pritam ji's words fit perfectly - "So far only one has learned to sleep with a man." Not waking up, so the man and woman's relationship is a victim of problems. Indian men are still observing women doing traditional work. They need the company of intelligent women. But not for marriage. He has not yet come to appreciate a strong woman. '


The poison that is spewed against women is the same maleistic mindset from which this society has not been liberated till date. They feel that social media is their only thing. If a woman dares, indecent and vulgar comments are leveled against her. No region is spared from this. In all religions, economic, political, social, there is a team of prejudices for women. The raw paper of the character of women can be part of their hands at any time. But they do not need any of the character certificates given to them nor their signatures on the documents of life.

Statistics show that there are 40 crore social media users in India as of January 2020 according to the Digital 2020 India report of the data report. 27% of the people have direct access to India. Between April 19 and January 20, users have increased by 13 crores. It is believed that there will be an increase of 22% and users will be out in three years. (The figures are based on surveys conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association and Nielsen).

As of November 2019 in India, the social gap and social gap between women and men is clearly visible on social media. Combining all social media platforms, on average, 65% of men and 35% of women are active. The urban figure is 60 per cent versus 40 per cent. In rural areas the figure is 70 versus 30.

The second reason is that the hypocrisy of the so-called modern has been completed. Those who presented their tableaux strayed from the self-respect and invited such lusts themselves. Apps like 'Tiktok' gave insects. The work of secretly fulfilling their unquenchable illegitimate desires also overwhelmed them, and as it is the case in every case, the lack of organization power in us, which is full of codification, directly avails of such people.

I have seen many people working in good positions, called intellectuals, respected people in the society. Even the 'learned men' who serve their Bibi in public, wish to flirt with neighbors, and consider women only as a means of entertainment, express their thoughts when we see women in their homes K, can't do anything else.

Do not know why, for the sick people of this mentality, I remember this song of Sahir Ludhianvi, which disguises the mentality of such people and describes the painful agony of the woman- (Sadhana film song). I will definitely listen to this song in leisure. Which has some lines:-

The woman gave birth to the men, the men gave them a market.
When I wanted to crush the issue, when I wanted to hurt.
The lips that he loved, traded those lips.
The womb in which his body was set, did business of that womb.
The body from which the body rose, became waterlogged.


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