Apartheid Prevails in the Present Society


It is said that as there is caste discrimination in India, there is apartheid in the west. Perhaps the meaning of those who say this is that some or the other form of discrimination exists in every society. 


In the context of India, is there only casteism here, not apartheid. But the reality is different, because India is also not untouched by apartheid. It has its own form in India, because it becomes more terrible when it is associated with gender.


Indian apartheid differs from foreign apartheid in that the discrimination of blacks occurs equally with both men and women in foreign countries, but in India, black or sexism is seen especially in the context of women.

The autobiographies of noted writer Manu Bhandari and writer and industrialist Prabha Khaitan reveal how the dark complexion poisoned his childhood, which affected his whole life. The dark color for girls in Indian society is as big a curse as any physical disability.

If we talk about apartheid at the global level then there has been a common struggle against imperialism, colonialism, racial discrimination and apartheid of South Africa and India and this was the association between the two countries.

After independence, India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's foreign policy fundamentals included subjects such as imperialism, colonialism, racial discrimination, apartheid, non-alignment and South-South cooperation, as a result of which Prime Minister Nehru gave prominence to South Africa. 


As a result, a new chapter in the economic and political relations between India and South Africa started. It was due to Nehru's preference that India raised issues related to caste discrimination in the United Nations in 1948, and as a result of the movement against apartheid in South Africa, India became the first country to have its economic, Political and cultural relations were banned. 


Apart from the United Nations, India tried to end the policy of apartheid through forums such as the Non-Aligned Movement and the 1955 Afro-Asia Conference and other multilateral organizations burden.


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