Corona Virus in America and our clothes will be affected firstly in the coming times

A frightening study has emerged about America suffering from Corona. According to scientists, if the situation remains the same, then by the year 2022, social distancing can continue in America. It is believed that social distancing can be implemented here for the next two years, that is, stay in homes and close school and college. 


This can only be avoided if a vaccine arrives by then. Until the vaccine arrives, after a short interval, social distancing may have to be followed continuously for the next 2 years. Even after this, if the virus starts to disappear, then it will have to be monitored because anytime the virus can attack again, it is expected that by the end of the year 2024, SARS-CoV-2 may be attacked again. The fear of this attack becomes more so if the immunity developed for the corona in us is not sustainable for long.


Virus waits for chance

Even if we want to adopt the method of social distancing intermittently, we will have to do it for many years. It is believed that as soon as the restrictions are lifted and the streets, offices, markets start getting crowded, the virus attack will happen again. Since it is not yet known how many months, or years, antibodies can remain in the body once it is corona positive, so it cannot be careless.

Will you get an immunity certificate?

For those who have become immunized, an immunity certificate should be issued so that they can get out. But because at the moment there is no evidence that this virus does not attack again after once. There is a danger that people can get fake certificates for themselves to return to normal life. After this scheme, it may also happen that people intentionally try to infect themselves so that after recovering, they will return to normal. 


Live life Therefore, no country is issuing an immunity certificate at the moment. Social distancing remains the only way in which conditions have been created in the US, this is the strongest way to avoid this unknown virus at the moment, the farther away we will be, The risk of virus will be reduced equally. Meanwhile, the medicine or vaccine is expected to be found.


Stringent punishment provision

Stay-at-home orders have arrived in almost all states of America. The breaker may have to pay a jail term of 6 months and a fine of about 75000 rupees. There is no softening of those who break it. In Florida itself, a church pastor was jailed last month because he had broken the rules of public health emergency.

Penis flu also came in 3 stages

The corona may also come in stages, as other epidemics came. Spanish flu also came 3 times between the years 1918 to 1920 and claimed more than 5 crore lives. The same trend can also be of Corona. In such a situation, the countries whose citizens are safe, working in the manner of "flatten the curve", may get infected in the second or third havoc. 


This is the reason why social distancing is necessary to be kept for at least 2 years. Social distancing can be maintained at intervals in different countries, which can range from 25 percent to 70 percent in a year. It is believed that if Wuhan has finished social distancing, then there may be virus in August which will be in its most dangerous form in October.

There is speculation about the mysterious corona virus that it can also become seasonal disease. If this happens, our clothes will be affected firstly in the coming times. Germ-free clothes will also be made on the lines of antibacterial soap.

Covid-19 is a new virus, so new estimates are being made about it daily. Many countries have made it mandatory to wear masks, while many believe that it should be worn only to the infected. Meanwhile, a question is also coming that if corona becomes a part of life then what will be the difference between fashion and especially clothes.

What is called Fashion History

It is believed that the fashion of the world completely changed after many major events and was replaced by a new need. After the second world war, there was a significant change in the clothing of women. Tight pants such as long skirts and gowns were replaced by tight pants, which did not take time to wear and leave for work. According to Campbell, whenever there has been a big change in fashion, it started with necessity but then it became the choice.

Laundry was not there before

Like the Spanish flu that spread in 1918, which lost millions of lives, there was no trend of washing clothes before that. Clothes were washed once or twice a month. There was no washing machine then, nor did there feel any need to wash clothes. After the outbreak of flu, the trend of washing clothes came and then the clothes which came in delicate and small pieces took the place of clothes like single piece, pants and shirt. Especially clothes that can cover the body with comfort

After the history-changing events, people started taking such clothes, which have good quality but which are at least in pieces, which can be worn quickly.

Special corona dresses will be made

Something similar can happen to the corona virus. Its effect is quite visible from now on, when people are coming out wearing loose-fitting and fully-covered clothes. Everyone has a mask on their faces. Although its imperative was implemented in the country only a week, but before that people started wearing masks. Apart from this, the need for work from home also had a difference in fashion style. Toppers are not only shopping and are also doing comfortable clothes. Yoga pants are being liked a lot during this time so that people sitting at home can do some kind of physical activity. These everyday clothes will be able to co-opt with special 'corona clothes' to go out.

What will be their specialty

Corona virus can remain on the surface for several hours, in view of this, a fabric can be made for clothes that are germ-free or can remain germ-free for maximum time. This can be called antimicrobial fabric. Many countries are already trying to make such a discovery for their health professionals, now corona infection can give it a further boost. By the way, the special type of sheets and curtains used in hospitals have antimicrobial properties, that is, these clothes are made in such a way that the pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi are least attacked. They often come in green or blue. A similar fabric is used in military clothing. Companies engaged in textile say that as there are antibacterial soaps, these clothes will also work on the same lines, that is, we will try to keep the infection to a minimum.

China started work

Along with this, protective cap will also be worn. It will be the same as doctors and nursing staff are currently wearing in the hospital. The difference will be that they can be a little stylish. A company in China, which is the center of the virus, has already started making such a cap. It claims that it protects against germs from the air as well as dangerous UV rays.


Latex gloves will be worn


Since the corona virus spreads to the infected coughing-sneezing air as well as touching the infected surface, first hand care will be given. All the people going out will wear latex gloves. They are made of rubber, latex, polyvinyl chloride, with a layer of corn starch so that they can easily pass into the hands and be removed immediately after work. Doctors wear similar gloves during surgery. But with the corona, it will also become a part of common people's life. People will come out wearing gloves and will be thrown as soon as they reach home.


In all shops in the UK city of Brighton, it is now mandatory for customers to wear gloves. Explain that this is the same city in the UK, which was initially a hotspot of Corona. With this, the culture of shaking hands can be completely destroyed. From now on, its impact is visible and people have started talking about Namaste culture of India.

Shoes will also be influenced by the Corona period

Studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Wuhan show that more than half of healthcare professionals working with the infected had the corona virus on the floor of their shoes. Even the drugstore floor was 100% corona positive. That is, if the corona remains for a long time, then the way of wearing shoes will also change. Fully covered shoes will be worn and they will be left outside the house or washed with bleach as soon as they are returned. Bathroom slippers or open slippers will be confined indoors. In such a situation, the biggest change in women's footwear can come, and high heels or sandals will go out of fashion. Hobbyists wearing leather shoes will have to wash them by adding 70% alcohol to water so that they can become infection-free.

Stylish wrist band or neck piece

A major change will be seen on jewelry. The jewellery being worn till now will almost stop and both men and women will have to wear some kind of wristband which can tell how many meters on the radius of the meter has flu-like symptoms. Now many countries have removed apps on it which can be downloaded on mobile but in future it can also come in the form of stylish wristbands or neck pieces. Since the corona virus is able to remain on the solid surface for a long time, the jewellery will be confined indoors, where there is no fear of infection.

Hand wash

A big change with the clothing accessories is going to be on the host-hospitality. At the moment, guests sit in the drawing room as soon as they arrive, but if the corona becomes permanent then the practice of washing hands and feet will come first. In India, it used to be in every house in the old times that there used to be a bucket and lotus filled with water outside the house, guests used to wash their hands and mouth first, then they used to reach inside the house. 

Now, since tall houses cannot be washed out of houses in tall buildings, a big box of sanitizer will be seen hanging along the doorbell of every house. Ring the bell and while waiting for the door to open, sanitize the hands, then go inside. Shoes will also be removed before leaving. If you are close to family members then bathing may also be required after hand sanitation.


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