Never compromise on Health

Never sit down and think about how concerned you are with your health or your family's health. What order is health in your priorities? Running sick doctors and hospitals, spending fiercely on the best treatment and taking loans even when needed is not a concern for health.

To keep ourselves and our family healthy and fit, we have to make health our first priority. Often we wake up when it is too late. We avoid very simple and no-cost healthy exercises like walking for half an hour every morning on the pretext of our busyness or helplessness and include it in our daily routine when there is a heart attack, bypass operation or a stroke of diabetes.

God has made good health much cheaper, much less expensive. Regular eating, healthy food (which is many times cheaper than your junk food), light-weight exercise and a stress-free life are the remedies that can give you the greatest happiness.

You can also make this the most expensive one - irregular and unsympathetic eating, drinking, smoking, wasted stress and a relaxed life is the way to it. Now you have to decide whether you want to wait for the crisis or wake up before the crisis?


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