Mental health Can Be Socially Constructed

Mental health, states that it is "a condition of well-being in which a person realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, work beneficially and fruitfully." and is able to contribute towards their society.

How to be healthy We have to understand what our mind wants. The mind wants happiness. Just think, the children are happy. If their stomach is full then it is okay. Poverty-rich, the inequalities of the world have no effect on them. He is dependent on his mother, he feels that he should tell every problem to his mother and be sure. 


In a way, their all-encompassing dedication is towards the mother and this is the secret of their happiness.


Nasal health can be seen as a continuum where a person's mental health can have many different potential values. Mental health is generally viewed as a positive quality, as a A person can reach increased levels of mental health, even though they do not have any diagnose mental health status.


Mental health can be socially constructed and socially defined; That is, different businesses, communities, societies, and cultures have very different ways of conceptualizing their nature and causes, deciding what is mentally healthy (right) and deciding which interventions are appropriate.


Thus, different professionals will have their own different cultural and religious backgrounds and experiences, which may influence the methodology to be applied during treatment.


Intuitively, mental health refers to the health of a person's mind. Social, cultural, physical, and educational influences can therefore affect a person's mental health.


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