Everything is not fair in love nor in war

Actually the saying is that everything is fair in love and war. But there is doubt that how can everything be justified in anything? When the views of each person can be different on the same topic, how can that topic be justified or completely illegitimate? Not only this, the truth is that no person is complete in himself.

If there is a quality inside it, then there is definitely some demerit and if it is demerit, then how can we justify any work done by it? It may be that an individual has tried to do something right, he is also committed to doing something right or morally right, and is doing it, but to expect such a thing from everyone especially love or Does not seem justified about war.

If seen, both the words 'love and war' seem to be two sides of the same coin, because the background of both love and war is formed by the combination of feelings or hurt or hurt feelings respectively. Since the emotions are like the waters of the ocean, sometimes they are in full swing with their waves, sometimes very patient, serious and calm. Love is the set of feelings arising Which makes a person feel like a human being. Love has its own values and implications, love has a criterion and whatever loving values, implications and criteria a lover holds in his mind and heart, love is recorded in the pages of history.

Love desires full dedication and the success of love without full dedication and loyalty is doubtful. Not only this, dignity, renunciation and ignoring the limits of relationships makes anything rejection and short term and the same thing can be understood in the context of love and war.

It is the nature of the human mind that if it considers it to be true even without full knowledge of an object, person or place, then it creates arguments in its favor or opposition and sometimes that argument proves to be extremely internal and fabricated. . It would not be wrong to say that in the context of love and war, the saying 'everything is justified in love and war' certainly seems irrational and concocted.

Irrational and concocted in such a way that if everything is accepted in love and war, then it will also have to be believed that all the human destructive wars have been fought so far or deceitful, full-fledged battles have been fought, humanity has been strangled, The way inhuman acts are being done in the name of love, this is all right. As the importance of relationships is being forgotten,

The boundary of the relationship is being broken, the way the love is taking a distorted form, in the name of love, in the name of love, the way the tendency of suicides among youths is increasing, the women are being tricked in the name of love, Spiritual love is turning into physical exploitation, the spirit of renunciation is disappearing, consumption is being considered as an object of consumption in the name of female love, if there is an ego of winning yen ken in the war, then do we have love and war Should everything be accepted in both of them?

It is worth noting here that the desire and desire to get everything at any cost makes both lovers and warriors willing. When it is said that one should not panic by going to any length in love and war, boundaries should be broken, that is, even if it becomes too bad, then this statement will be proved wrong.

Do not speak well of the extreme, do not bless the extreme.
It is not good for rain nor for sunshine.

In such a situation, how can we say that everything is fair in love and war.

Whereas the truth is that the excesses of love make weak and also that love is a big strength and a big weakness too. Strength is fine, but the day love becomes a weakness, it is a matter of thinking how good it can be for the society and the nation. Love literally means love, maya or attachment. However, attachment also exits war and provokes war.

For this reason, the duality of renunciation and eclipse in war also continues. I believe that if war and love are the cause of upheaval of emotions, then everything cannot be justified. Emotions are a matter of heart and intellect is a matter of brain. If the balance of heart and intellect is not there, then the success of any subject is doubtful. Because irrational force gives birth to a terrorist, not to a warrior, and to get love only through feelings means the narrowness of love.

Today's consumerist culture has molded the human body into a commodity. The art of establishing relationships with other humans has been scrapped. Forging their emotions, reading, finding hidden emotions in the body parts, they do not have time and technology for all these. They want everything quickly. Expression and denial of love Everything is needed at the same time in which goods are bought and sold.

This is the period where innocent innocents are murdered in the name of protecting jihad and religion and are called war. How much is the intention of today's so-called declared terrorist organizations of war or Naxalite wars, it can be understood in terms of various incidents carried out by these organizations so far. In such a situation, it is natural to take birth of the subject whether everything is justified in love and war.

Recently, two subjects are in the news, including 'Love Jihad' and 'ISIS' in the name of religion with dangerous intentions and brutal war, which is very relevant in the context of this topic. How valid is the love and war that is done to prove any dangerous intentions and its power and which is being given the name of Jihad. Not only this, what should be the nature of love?

When its standard market, advertisements, movies start to be fixed, then a sensitive subject like love has to be thought about a little. How cleanly the purpose of love has remained clear in today's society can be understood through the increasing incidents of mistreatment of women, domestic violence, harassment and problems arising in the joint family.

How can we justify the form of love where brother-brother is divided, father-daughter relationship is tarnished, in the name of young love, he is a victim of deceit and deceit and is doing all this himself too. How right is the war that executes violent activities on a matter-of-fact basis. Where both love and war are being done for the purpose of 'Aham Brahmasmi', where love and war are to cause enjoyment, rights and wealth and wealth, then the question arises when everything is justified in love and war?

Today, the definition of love is limited to forgetting old relationships in love of new relationships. It is not necessary to get love instead of love, but in today's time the burden of expectations and expectations has increased so much that if love is not received in lieu of love then to what extent does it fall and does not even give rise to the brutal violence gives off. But the truth is that violence has no place in love.

People who believe that everything is fair in war have to understand that all problems cannot be solved by war. The immediate results of the war may be met, but the future generations bear the brunt of it. This is the reason why rich people of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela never supported the war and tried to maintain peace in their own country through non-violence and broke the chains of slavery.

Not only this, in spite of lakhs of obstacles, he chose the path of non-violence and peace and also inspired people for this. If everything were justified in the war, non-violent people like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandla, Tagore would have been forgotten by now. Therefore, it can be said that 'Everything is not fair in love nor in war.


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