After All Why Are Crimes Against Women Not Decreasing-Women Security


There are acid attacks on women and young women, and there are frequent murders and rapes. The Indian leadership has increased the will power to deal with these incidents, but the irony is that common citizens are supportive of male supremacy and a feudal state of mind regarding the atrocities on women. Sexual harassment of women continues in our country and society, but it will be said that the media along with government, administration, courts, society and social institutions have not been able to reduce this malpractices.

From every corner of the country, women are raped, sexually abused, burnt for dowry, physical and mental torture and women are heard of news of horse-trading. Also, inequality and discrimination at every level from small to large has never seen any signs of decline. In the country, people are not fully aware of the rights of women and even if they are aware then it is not followed with full seriousness and will power. Despite all the claims of women empowerment, women are far from their real rights.

Delay in justice  

Of all the cases of rape reported in India in the last decade, only 12 to 20 per cent of the cases were completed. The number of reported cases of rape is increasing but the conviction rate is not increasing.

Fear of punishment ending 

Due to the delay in justice in cases of rape and murder, the fear of punishment in the guilty is ending. Despite the provision of capital punishment in the law, there is no decrease in the incidence of rape.

Pornographic material
Sociologists, politicians, legalists, and administrative officials around the world believe that pornography is a major cause of rising sexual offenses. 80 percent of the data being provided by telecom companies at cheap rates is being used to watch entertainment and pornographic content, Whereas it was described as the basis for increasing informational knowledge. Seven years ago, 'Nirbhaya' and now one of the reasons for the rape of a female vet in Hyderabad is being considered as pornographic films available on smartphones. After watching pornographic films, the miscreants have confessed to raping, so we cannot ignore this aspect.

Maleist Mindset

Younger boys around the country are encouraged to behave aggressively and effectively. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) comments on how the feelings of such poisonous manhood are ingrained in young minds from a very young age. They are accustomed to a social system where men are vigorous and controlling and are convinced that it is their masculinity to behave dominantly towards girls and women.

Administrative apathy
According to the data given by the government regarding the allocation of Nirbhaya Fund, 11 states did not spend even one rupee out of the allocated funds. These states include Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tripura as well as Daman and Diu. Delhi spent only Rs 19-41 crore out of Rs 390-90 crore. Uttar Pradesh spent only Rs 3-93 crore out of the Rs 119 crore allocated under the Nirbhaya Fund.

Out of Rs 191-72 crore, Karnataka spent Rs 13-62 crore, Telangana spent only Rs 4-19 crore out of Rs 103 crore. Andhra Pradesh spent only Rs 8–14 crore out of 20–85 crore, Bihar spent only Rs 7–02 crore out of Rs 22–58 crore. According to the data presented in the Parliament, 36 states and union territories were allocated funds for various schemes including the women's helpline, one stop center scheme, for schemes related to the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Women's helpline to states like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Dadra Nagar Haveli and Goa the money paid for remains unoccupied. Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Lakshadweep, Puducherry, West Bengal did not spend a single penny under the One Stop Scheme.

Keeping in mind the safety of women, the Government of India should make efforts that mobile companies now make panic buttons mandatory in all mobile phones, so that women can press this button and ask for immediate help, and it should be kept in mind that help is reached to them at the right time. . In case of any kind of emergency, the local police immediately rushed to help the woman. It has already started in Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland states, today it should be started in all states and union territories.

As per my opinion In fact, women will also have to be able to protect themselves. Courage, valor and courage will have to make him his important qualities.


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