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After All Why Are Crimes Against Women Not Decreasing-Women Security

Introduction There are acid attacks on women and young women, and there are frequent murders and rapes. The Indian leadership has increased the will power to deal with these incidents, but the irony is that common citizens are supportive of male supremacy and a feudal state of mind regarding the atrocities on women. Sexual harassment of women continues in our country and society, but it will be said that the media along with government, administration, courts, society and social institutions have not been able to reduce this malpractices. From every corner of the country, women are raped, sexually abused, burnt for dowry, physical and mental torture and women are heard of news of horse-trading. Also, inequality and discrimination at every level from small to large has never seen any signs of decline. In the country, people are not fully aware of the rights of women and even if they are aware then it is not followed with full seriousness and will power. Despite all the claims of w

Health Management Today’s World Requirement

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Healthy body, healthy thoughts and healthy intelligence are the embodiment of health. Health is the state in which we enjoy life while reconciling with nature and the environment. We are actually healthy only when we feel healthy at the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social levels. Health Intent Health means that a person's body should be in the right condition, as well as his mind is also in the right condition and this mind will be able to remain in a healthy condition only when the human intellect is purified, calmed, stabilized. A healthy human being is one who is 'stable' in 'self', that is, sustained. So in the self it can only tick Whose mind has a stable, calm, balanced intellect. Such a person is also called ‘Sithapragya’ in the Gita. If we have feelings of fear, craving, non-cooperation or competition, jealousy, malice and apprehension and defeat and victory for the rest of the world and we are unhealthy c

Everything is not fair in love nor in war

Actually the saying is that everything is fair in love and war. But there is doubt that how can everything be justified in anything? When the views of each person can be different on the same topic, how can that topic be justified or completely illegitimate? Not only this, the truth is that no person is complete in himself. If there is a quality inside it, then there is definitely some demerit and if it is demerit, then how can we justify any work done by it? It may be that an individual has tried to do something right, he is also committed to doing something right or morally right, and is doing it, but to expect such a thing from everyone especially love or Does not seem justified about war. If seen, both the words 'love and war' seem to be two sides of the same coin, because the background of both love and war is formed by the combination of feelings or hurt or hurt feelings respectively. Since the emotions are like the waters of the ocean, sometimes they are in full swing w

Beggary Exist in India - what are the reasons behind it?

Spreading your hands in front of someone for two days of bread seems like killing your conscience. But it is not hidden from anyone that examples of begging are often seen on the roadside, around religious places or at square-intersections. As a serious citizen, the question may arise in your mind whether these people, who are begging, are in such a condition due to their compulsion or they are victims of some conspiracy. Surprisingly, no better mechanism has been created in this regard so far. However, recently the Delhi High Court has abolished 25 sections of the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959 [Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959], a law declaring beggary a crime. At the same time, criminalization of begging has been declared unconstitutional. The High Court gave this decision during the hearing of two PILs in respect of the fundamental rights of beggars and their fundamental human rights. It is to be noted here that till now there is no central law in the country regardi

Can Indian Democracy Be Called - A Successful Democracy

How successful is India's democracy India's position in the Democracy Index The Economist Intelligence Unit, based in London, issues a Democracy Index for countries around the world every year. This index of 167 countries was released for 2018 and India has been ranked at 41 in this. India has gained a rung as compared to last year, but despite this, India has been placed in the category of Flawed Democracy. As far as the score is concerned, In the last 11 years, India received the lowest score in both 2017 and 2018 alike. The report praised the improvement in the situation in Asia. However, the concern is that most countries in Asia are categorized as defective democratic countries. The Economist Intelligence Unit is a part of the London-based Economist Group which was established in 1946. It keeps an eye on the changing situation of the world and by forecasting the economic-political situation of the world, it warns the government of the country of the dangers. Ranking

Never compromise on Health

Never sit down and think about how concerned you are with your health or your family's health. What order is health in your priorities? Running sick doctors and hospitals, spending fiercely on the best treatment and taking loans even when needed is not a concern for health. To keep ourselves and our family healthy and fit, we have to make health our first priority. Often we wake up when it is too late. We avoid very simple and no-cost healthy exercises like walking for half an hour every morning on the pretext of our busyness or helplessness and include it in our daily routine when there is a heart attack, bypass operation or a stroke of diabetes. God has made good health much cheaper, much less expensive. Regular eating, healthy food (which is many times cheaper than your junk food), light-weight exercise and a stress-free life are the remedies that can give you the greatest happiness. You can also make this the most expensive one - irregular and unsympathetic eating, drinking, s

Mental health Can Be Socially Constructed

Mental health, states that it is "a condition of well-being in which a person realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, work beneficially and fruitfully." and is able to contribute towards their society. How to be healthy We have to understand what our mind wants. The mind wants happiness. Just think, the children are happy. If their stomach is full then it is okay. Poverty-rich, the inequalities of the world have no effect on them. He is dependent on his mother, he feels that he should tell every problem to his mother and be sure.    In a way, their all-encompassing dedication is towards the mother and this is the secret of their happiness.   Nasal health can be seen as a continuum where a person's mental health can have many different potential values. Mental health is generally viewed as a positive quality, as a A person can reach increased levels of mental health, even though they do not have any diagnose mental healt